Archie currently has the following features

  • Electronic level forms
  • Electronic artifact recordation
  • Automated receipt generation for each artifact entered
  • Electronic krotovina (rodent burrows) and feature forms
  • PDF report generation of each level excavated with a summary of all artifacts found in that level
  • Import of Trimble Total Station data (or any properly formatted spatial data – see documentation for format requirements)
  • Customizable material type and classification drop down lists. Each material type has its own possible classifications set by you
  • Attachment of images, 3D scans, and other files to artifacts, levels, features, and krotovina
  • Simple export of data to CSV
  • Multiple user security levels
  • Easy backup and disaster recovery
  • Open Source software, so you know what is happening with your data
  • No proprietary databases (data is stored in MySQL), so you can always get your data out
  • Runs on low-cost hardware, is platform independent, and requires only a web browser on the client side (no expensive licensing required)