Who Are We?

Archie is the brain child of Alex Nyers and Karl Vollmer. Alex and Karl have worked together for the last fifteen years in the IT industry.

Alex specializes in technologies such as pXRF analysis and INAA as well as multivariate statistical analyses and 3D printing, scanning, and digital morphometric analyses. In 2013 Alex defended his Masters thesis entitled “A Provenance Study of Crypto-Crystalline Silicates at the Cooper’s Ferry Site: A Geochemical Approach.”  He works with the Pacific Slope Archaeological Laboratory of Oregon State University, and is the sole proprietor of Northwest Archaeometrics.

Karl Vollmer works as lead Research Computing Systems Administrator at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Karl has developed numerous open source web-based applications over the last 10 years in addition to his work at Dalhousie University.

Contact us at: contact@archiedb.com

You can also follow us on Twitter (@archie_db) and Facebook.
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